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Assemblies of technological equipment and steel constructions

  • In the field of chemical, food and petrochemical industry.
  • We provide also revisory, tightness and pressure tests. Our job description is also entire assembly of steel halls including their roofing and sheating.

Locksmith and welding works

  • Operative projects and works documentation for production of steel contructions
  • Production and assembly of steel constructions
  • Metal production
  • Welding works

Pipe-fitting and heating works

  • Supply and assembly of pipeline distributions in a material finish of glass, carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, teflon, plastic.

Boiler-rooms and junction exchange stations without an output limitation

  • Supply and assembly of boilers, heaters TUV, junction exchange stations including the removal of original functionless equipment

Sheating of buildings

  • Assembly of  sandwich panels (wall and roof panels)

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